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True Kafka: Bondsparket makes reduced to avoid reduced, racism threatens without consequence, to continue to

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Club Brugge had to be Friday afternoon for the complaints board of Appeal of the Royal Belgian Football association (belgian football association) report as a result of opinion that the Bruges supporters at the address of Paul-José Mpoku (Standard). On the merits of the case, however, was not said, the debates were stuck on a procedurekwestie.

The Dispute Appeal must first express an opinion on whether the subpoena by the Bondsparket regulations are properly followed. Is that not so, the escape Club Brugge on a penalty. Is that really the case, a new date set to the incidents, in substance, to treat.

Just like last week, when Club Brugge had to avoid for spreekkoren against Francis Nganga (Charleroi), would be the summoning of blue-black is not properly expired. Again there was no summons on file, by the Bondsparket signed document was not filed with the clerk of the belgian football association.

In the case of Nganga denounced Club Brugge that they were not aware of the reason for the persecution. The Bondsparket wanted such a procedurekwestie avoid and sent a letter to blue-black with the exact reasons: discriminatory spreekkoren (jungle sounds and anti-Walloon songs), throwing objects and pyrotechnic material.

Lawyer Walter Van Steenbrugge once again took the ‘ honours where and pleading the grounds of inadmissibility of the prosecution. In addition to the absence of the signed subpoena, “which my client don’t know what it all can go”, denounced the renowned strafpleiter that the time limits of the prosecution and with the trampled were. Ironically, that happened because the Bondsparket to correct procedural errors in order to avoid.

During the bekerduel of 8 February in the semi-finals of the Croky Cup had Mpoku racist spreekkoren hear. Referee Bart Vertenten and the present match, also took the throwing of projectiles in their report. The first assistant that is a cup to be thrown got, came to testify: “But I doubt the cup to me. During the replacement of Mpoku I have opinion heard. That happened one time and happened by a limited group of supporters.”

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