The Crown-star Claire Foy and husband from each other

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Sad news for Claire Foy and her husband, Stephen Campbell Moore. The lead actress of The Crown after four years of marriage separate from her husband. The breach comes a few months after Stephen a brain tumor has to remove. This is reported in The Mirror.

Claire (33) and Stephen (40) lived for a while, and separated from each other. Yet they think if friends want to go further, so let the couple in an official statement: “We have the utmost respect for each other and hope that foot can continue.” The two together have a daughter, Ivy Rose.

According to friends came the breach as a total shock.”This we saw not arrive after all their years together, but they are two wonderful, sweet and fun people, who are determined to everything to keep the terms of their separation. They came simply to the conclusion that their relationship is not working anymore and that this way is better.”

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