Temptation-Tim: “I’ve been with hundreds of women share bed’

6052e8ba71a0ec43c38a6e9b565815b6 - Temptation-Tim: "I've been with hundreds of women share bed’

As innocent as he looks during the episodes of Temptation Island, in which he even at the first date spent the night on the beach with a seductress to sleep, so was Tim Wauters (30) in the past. This is evident from what he has come clean in a program that Goedele Liekens presents.

“I already have 500 to 700 women in bed had,” says Tim Wauters in Goedele On Top. This statement seems to the – until now still faithful canine member of Temptation Island was a very different person, than the Tim on a weekly basis crying to see is because he and his girlfriend Deborah lacks and can’t wait before they get to their house, garden, baby’ can begin. Previously, we have in the RTL5-program said that he was previously the playboy of the Belgian Aalst.

The Belgians were doubts as to the truth of Tim’s statement, and a twitterer is counting from, or is it theoretically would be possible. After a fictitious calculation is this person to the conclusion that if he at sixteen lost her virginity and from 1.22 women per week, the home has taken, this best could be possible.


Friday morning gave Tim on the radio at MNM 500 à 700 bedpartners a tad excessive. “That televisiecrew had said that I had to exaggerate. But in real life will probably a hundred or so have been,” said the 30-year-old ex-player.

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