’Stromae for the first time father’

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Stromae and his wife Coralie Barbier is expected in the summer of their first baby. Writes that the French entertainmentsite Public. The Belgian singer has the news still not confirmed

Coralie Barbier and Stromae

Stromae married in 2015 in the deepest secret with Coralie, who is a designer at his own fashion label Mosaert. The set had 180 invited guests to Mechelen, but no one knew what the occasion was for the party. The singer and his wife wanted their wedding day as intimate as possible, celebrate, and asked their friends and family for any photos or videos to share on social media.

Now is all quiet for a while around the 32-year-old Paul Van Haver, as Stromae’s real name. After big hits like Papaoutai and Formidable, the singer due to health problems is no longer in the spotlight. In the documentary Malaria Business of the French channel France Ô, he spoke openly about the suicidal thoughts that he had, as a result of side effects of pointing with the finger.

“He saved my life,” says the pop star about his brother Luc, who is also his manager. “He has been with me the click. He told me also always when I unjustified paranoia. And I think, that if he not been there, that I was that one night, without a doubt, suicide had tried to commit. That is for sure. If he didn’t, then I would here is probably not with you talking.”

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