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Stoffel Vandoorne will get ‘orange’ F1 car, McLaren

315394c608a3e992d1740defd9bb2298 - Stoffel Vandoorne will get 'orange' F1 car, McLaren

The McLaren F1 team in Woking its new F1 car for the season 2018 proposed. As expected, it is an ‘orange’ F1 car that Fernando Alonso and our fellow countryman, Stoffel Vandoorne from under the cloth took.

After three disappointing seasons with the Honda engine, a collaboration with the drum roll was announced, decided to McLaren at the end of last year the power cord from the cooperation with the Japanese to withdraw. The McLaren F1 car, will from this year be powered by a Renault engine and just has Fernando Alonso of good memories.

Alonso won his two world titles in Formula 1 at Renault and it was also the cooperation with Renault, the Spaniard crossing the finish line, pulled to his contract with McLaren to extend. Together with our compatriot Stoffel Vandoorne will he again this year the rijdersduo at McLaren form.

Vandoorne had last year a difficult start to his first F1-season, but failed gradually throughout the season to make his mark at McLaren. The mechanics and engineers listened more to how Vandoorne his car tuned, wanted to see and eventually was Vandoorne more and more the equivalent of Alonso. Finally ended Vandoorne finished his debut season in F1 with fourteen points, just three less than Alonso.

Next season will Vandoorne absolutely want to confirm and Alonso, who is regarded as one of the best drivers on the grid, still want more challenge. The new McLaren MCL33 need both Alonso as Vandoorne in more to for on the grid to start and many more to battle it out for points.

Secretly, is there at McLaren even dreamed of competing for podium finishes, although it would be a fun fight between Vandoorne and Verstappen for the Belgian F1 fans, of course, also be nice …

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