Stephen Fry is recovering from prostate cancer

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Stephen Fry is in early January, had surgery after prostate cancer him was discovered. The British actor and presenter says in a vlog that he is recovering and that ’it all seems to be going’.

“I’m sorry that I didn’t previously have spoken,” says the sixty-year old Fry. “In the past two months, I am a rather unwanted and unexpected adventure entered into.” Fry first went to the doctor for a flu shot, but studies were high PSA-values to the fore. After an MRI scan were aggressive cancer cells found. “I couldn’t believe it at first and kept saying to myself, ‘I have cancer.” During the operation, as far as we know, everything taken out.”

Fry felt it was important to his story to share after all sorts of rumours did. “For now I feel fit, healthy and happy. I hope that I can have a number of years on this planet have.”

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