Stephen Fry has prostate cancer

bf19a2409054d73dbe2f22d452012f7a - Stephen Fry has prostate cancer

The British comedian and actor Stephen Fry in a video on his website announced that he has prostate cancer. In december he has to operate to a number of lymph nodes to remove. “The doctors tell me that with this surgery, everything is gone,” explains Fry.

In the video excuses the British comedian for his absence during the last months. “I have spent the last two months, a rather unwelcome and unexpected problem to fight. I’m sorry that I’m not ready felt to talk about it, but now I can finally tell what’s going on,” writes Fry.

Previous month showed the comedian still know that, after 12 editions, will stop with the presentation of the BAFTA’s. “It’s a good thing that I stop. Other people may use the BAFTA’s now to greater heights”, sounded the when the author in The Hollywood Reporter. It is now known that Absolutely Fabulous actress Joanna Lumley, the British prijzenshow will present.

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