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Stephen Fry has cancer

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Stephen Fry heard last January that he had cancer. Meanwhile the British comedian under treatment, and he shares the unpleasant news online with his fans.

The 60-year-old comedian, actor and thinker the news of his diagnosis on Twitter.


Fry let himself in early January to review because he weeks with flu-like symptoms around them after he just before Christmas a flu shot. At first he thought a persistent influenza virus among the members, but the doctors discovered another cause: prostate cancer. The treatment was started immediately.

Prostate removed

In a video on his website tells Fry that in the first week of the new year his prostate surgically removed. The doctors have hope that the disease is nipped in the bud, and Stephen joins his doctors: “as far as we know now everything is gone. At the moment I feel good and happy.”

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