‘Star Wars’star Mark Hamill presents Oscars and will then be immortalized on Walk of Fame

Mark Hamill alias Luke Skywalker in the mythical sciencefictionsaga ‘Star Wars’ – is been co-presenter of the Oscarceremonie on 4 march. Five days later he receives his star on the iconic Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the prestigious statuettes awards, has announced that Mark Hamill and nine other celebs, including Oscar Isaac, who is also in the latest ‘Star Wars’, the awards will be hand over.

As is often responding to the 66-year-old actor with a funny note on Twitter: “Note to myself: 1) Fast enough to talk so that the orchestra is not the mouth snoert 2), R2-Me Too” -jokes, 3) Not in ‘La La Land’ say after opening the envelope”.

Tip two is a wordplay with the name of the robot in the “Star Wars” universe is contracted with the #MeToo movement. The third point is a reference to the gaffe during the ceremony last year, where ‘La La Land’ was incorrectly named as the winner of the Oscar for best film.

Near the Dolby Theatre, where the ceremony takes place, is situated the Walk of Fame, on march 9 a star to get. Will Hamill the honor of his very own star on the legendary sidewalk on the earth.

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