Second filming of The Beach in the making

15e1b0ab48d10181baff38be15d54f46 - Second filming of The Beach in the making

The British writer and director Alex Garland claims that his book The Beach may once again be filmed is going to be. That reports the website Collider.

Director Danny Boyle made in 2000, a version of The Beach, which tells the story of an American man in his twenties who is in Thailand in search of an island paradise. If he once finds, it appears the community is not as perfect as he had hoped. Leonardo DiCaprio played the lead role in this version, which is not very enthusiastic was received.

Garland would be during a interview have reported that ’a very talented person’ is currently a new operation prepare. He wanted no further details about the plan. It is, however, still not sure whether the movie continues, added Garland added.

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