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Sebastian Vettel: “I want to be as fast with the new Ferrari on the runway”

71abadaa74b213499c38445b9ed0e6e9 - Sebastian Vettel: "I want to be as fast with the new Ferrari on the runway"

Sebastian Vettel looked overwhelmed when he has his new company car for 2018 for the first time if seen it.

“While I’m here I realize that this is for everyone a special moment,” said Vettel. “I can’t wait to use the car to get started, to see what he can do and how he will behave.”

“I think that this car is a big step forward compared to last year, now I’m wondering how he will feel. On that answer, we wait now all because from that moment we can continue to build.”

“One thing is for sure: it is impressive how much work there is in this car, crawled inside. The attention to detail on so many different surfaces is huge,” Vettel continued. “But the real magic happens under the skin, which can you cannot see it now. Every detail is important, even the smallest piece can make the difference.”

To date, the German only yet but in the SF71H sat to his chair, to adjust. After such a short acquaintance, it is difficult to say something about the new car but still keeps the quadruple world champion even there is already a positive feeling about.

“The match went very easy and smooth, no problems to report on that front. It felt comfortable from the first minute.”

“Every year there are small things that change. In the area of the regulations, the chassis is almost equivalent to that of last year, but things like the seat position will change every year. I think it’s important that I comfortably feel, and that was the case.”

Vettel could not do otherwise than admit that he very much had to be in his new car to jump while he saw standing in the spotlight.

“It is clear if you take the car for the first time completely finished to see that you’re up to the job.”

The German wanted especially the whole team in the flowers for the hard work that they have supplied.

“This is fantastic, here is a extract work crept. Not only during the winter months, but even early in the previous season was already working on this project. That people now want especially to know how the car feels,” concluded Vettel with a touch.

Sebastian Vettel has not yet know the name of his new toy by life will go and who the successor of ‘Gina’ will be. The German is well known for his racing cars of a nickname, as passed, for example, to Luscious Liz, Kinky Kylie, Randy Mandy, and Hungry Heidi the revue.

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