Russian ministry of Culture dagvaardt cinema which prohibited movie running

The Russian ministry of Culture has a subpoena sent to the Russian filmzaaluitbater Pioner in Moscow. The cinema has at the end of January the film “The Death of Stalin” by director Armando Iannucci five times shown. However, the ministry is the display is prohibited, according to Russian media.

“The Death of Stalin” is a black comedy that shows how politicians in the Kremlin fighting for power after the death of Soviet leader Joseph Stalin in 1953. The film came under fire in Russia because of certain scenes, the spot would drift with the history of the country.

The cinema considers, in turn, that the impressions from 25 to 27 January were justified because there is no message to be known, was of a repeal of the exploitatievisum of the film. “The Death of Stalin” was at the premiere, a visa for a display, but according to some Russian media which is later withdrawn.

In Russia should films not be screened without exploitatievisum. Pioner was the only cinema in the country that “The Death of Stalin” on the program. Zakentycoon Alexander Mamut, owner of the cinema chain, wished not to comment.

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