Ronnie Flex, despite fear of flying like helicopter in

Ronnie Flex, get in spite of his fear of flying just into the helicopter as he on the 5th of may as the Ambassador of the Freedom of the Festivals visiting.

“I have twice been in a helicopter, sat down. Both times with my head between my legs and just waited until we had landed”, Ronnie said Thursday in the tv program home cooked apple pie. “It was the second time, not better. The helicopter was even smaller. The smaller the scarier,” said the rapper.

Ronnie wanted to nevertheless love to get the Ambassador. “It is worth it. It is a great honor, you will come across a list where you want to create.” The rapper thinks that he can do as an Ambassador. As has been a fascination for history and has a tattoo of Anne Frank on his arm. “I’m also going to do a kind of little mini-speech preparation”, he announced.

In addition to Ronnie Flex sit this year, Fedde Le Grand, and My Baby in the defensiehelikopters on 5 may. The Festivals in fourteen cities together form the largest one-day free cultural event in the Netherlands. Last year, more than a million visitors.

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