Roddeloverzicht: Sylvie regrets and Barbie see children leave

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Sylvie Meis had never with Rafael van der Vaart to go away, Patricia Mine start all the lawsuits, and Barbie takes (temporary) leave of her children. An overview of the entertainment business last week.

Big houses, expensive vacations, good hair, toned body, good career, and all kinds of successful businesses. Sylvie Meis has the but well as we her Instagram. On one picture she is even handsomer than on the previous, she is going from one tropical place to the other and there is always the same blissful look.

Clean appearance, as we are Private and Panorama of this week may believe. Like many late Sylvie on social media just to see what’s going well and we have no idea what kind of pain goes hidden behind all those beautiful images.

Guillaume Zarka, Samuel Deutsch, Momo and Charbel Aouad: all they tried Sylvie happier and all failed a lot. Guillaume turned out nevertheless to soon to Rafael van der Vaart has been followed, Samuel was not sufficient addition, Momo was not at all suitable and Charbel lived too far away.

Private knows for sure: Sylvie never had with Rafael to go away. “No man can come close to Rafael” is the headline in the magazine this week. Because that didn’t work with Guillaume, Samuel, Momo and Charbel is all because of the man where Sylvie for many years, was married and son Damian join received: Rafael van der Vaart is the however, always remained for Sylvie.

Rafael is, however, very happy with Estavana Polman, and daughter, Jesslynn, and so is the chance that Sylvie and Rafael together end up very small. And how should I do that now with Sylvie?

Sylvie has no man need to be happy, ” she says regularly, but, as Panorama as fine explains: why she is never really longer than a couple of months single? It is to be hoped for Sylvie that there ever yet a man even better for her than Rafael. It will be on the basis of the analysis of both sheets in any case not be long before there is a new potential true.

Hello right

Some people will be the inside of a court never of their lives. Who have no idea how to navigate in a courtroom, I have no idea how a Dutch court to see and get their information mainly from programs like Judge Judy and The rijdende right.

Famous people have usually but busy with their lawyers. Then there is something wrong written, then there is a program that untruths proclaims, then again, it is someone who, unasked, their name, and then they stand for the umpteenth time for the court.

Patricia Mine may this year in the court continue to sleep: this week it was announced that the Public prosecution service (OM) has decided GeenStijl to sue you for the unsolicited posting a link to the leaked types of xxx sex of Patricia.

The video was at the beginning of last year in an unknown manner obtained, and then via social media spread. GeenStijl shared a link to the hot pictures, after which the lawyer of Patricia immediately made it clear that that removed as soon as possible had to be. That happened, but it’s now come to a lawsuit.

GeenStijl would have been found guilty of defamation and have to pay, so think Patricia and her lawyer.

There remains, however, is not to: Patricia also plans opposite Dumpert in the courtroom. Also that website saw humor in the types of xxx sex of Patricia.

And yes, if you’re at it, why don’t you also immediately Johan Vlemmix sue? Who cried like a sex doll by Patricia want to make, and the proceeds with her to want to share. Patricia thinks it’s a shame and get to the security but immediately to her lawyer: can we also continue?

Just nothing

Samantha ‘Barbie’ de Jong is still going through a difficult period. The year started with a suicide attempt and the rest is now still not returned. The realityster has this week temporarily to say goodbye to her children, Angelina and Milano. The two are with their father, Michael moved to Spain.

In consultation with child welfare takes Michael’s children to Torremolinos, where he cafe Voom Voom has. Angelina, who was now old enough to go to school to get at home lesson of Michael’s new girlfriend, Naomi, and one day in the week to tutoring. The choice was difficult for Barbie, as Michael says in Private, but they knew themselves that it was best.

Barbie is now in a different spot: according to Story , she left the private hospital and moved in with her boyfriend Jordi. The departure from the clinic would not be completely voluntary, are gone: Story, writes that she the door is turned off because of misconduct.

A family friend tells the magazine that Barbie the full to themselves to thank that they are no longer welcome. “She was really no single event that physicians and other practitioners with her made. They did exactly what they wanted to.”

So would Barbie regularly for hours just disappear, she kept contact with the media that her treatment was better of not, and she kicked her own recovery process a lot in the war. “Believe me: the doctors have the patience of a saint with her. I had every sympathy for her after five times a warning is given to have urgently applied to her things to grab and the clinic to leave.”

The contact with the family would now be minimal, where the question is whether Barbie that itself wanted to, or that Jordi would have recommended. He would be denied access to his plane after the suicide attempt. Even her parents, she would not now speak.

The developments bear the family has serious concerns, says the family member to the Story. “Cora is convinced that Sam by Jordi brainwashed for so callously is Sam naturally not at all.”

“There will come a day that she will realize how great the sacrifice was that they had to bring for this relationship. I just hope it is not too late and the bridges that she has burned not damaged beyond repair will be. I want to cry out: Sam will not let you dazzle! Come home while you still can!”

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