Residents of Seattle be confused Confederatievlag with Norwegian

9960c1c3fb6a9afcd537dae5393c7020 - Residents of Seattle be confused Confederatievlag with Norwegian

SEATTLE – Residents of Seattle were earlier this week in an uproar: who had of a sudden the Confederate Flag under the American flag is hung? It turned out only not to the in the US a controversial flag, but to that of Norway.

A group of Norwegians in Seattle settled down and wanted to by means of hanging the flag, give their support to the olympic team of Norway.

“Hi. Suddenly depends on the Confederatievlag just for the house of my neighbors. I would like to know what this means”, wrote a tipgeefster according to the Seattle Times. “I’m not, of course, when they knock on your door. What’s behind here?”


To the scoop as the first to have, was a journalist of the Times, quickly sit in the car and to the story tapping. Only, pretty soon he came to know that it’s not such an exciting story turned out to be. “That is the Norwegian national flag”, says the owner of the suspended Norwegian flag. “That depends there since the beginning of the Play.

The Noor continues: “I am a proud American Norwegian. My parents have been moved in the middle of years 50.”

The support has not been for nothing. The Norwegians are doing great at the Olympics so far, with 13 gold, 14 silver and 10x bronze.

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