René van Kooten launches album on vinyl

f54ccb706493f895b2c6b5c0e93714fb - René van Kooten launches album on vinyl

René van Kooten and his band Shifting Daylight bring on Friday the new EP, Something Undefined. In addition, they launch a vinyl LP of their debut album from 2014.

Both boards are presented during a show tonight in Theater de Slinger in Houten. Shifting Daylight is in addition to actor and singer Van Kooten guitarist Bram Bol and multi-instrumentalist, Ingmar Spaaij.

The EP contains five brand new tracks that can be heard during the tour that the band at this time by the Netherlands travels. On the LP, in addition to songs that previously appeared on cd also includes the recently launched single Fireflies.

The performance is Something so Real, that even to the end of may, consists of known and unknown songs, which are by Van Kooten will be talking with personal, touching and sometimes funny stories about his life and his career.

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