Peter Rouffaer was since at Home nowhere more cast

Peter Rouffaer took ten years, the role of doctor Geert at Home. He played mainly on the side of Leah Thys, with whom he is here on the photo. In 2015 died in Peter’s character, however. The actor hoped soon again to have a different role to get into, we read in the soaprubriek of Primo. Unfortunately for him, picked up that’s very different from, and remained in the role of doctor Geert long to paste. Because the viewers see him especially identify with a doctor Geert is it difficult to have somewhere else to be cast. Coincidentally, he received this month a call for The Kotmadam. They may Peter Rouffaer always call, but in the meantime, he returned to the theatre and that is his first love. Peter is currently busy with four productions that he is all in own management.

Text: Nico Vanaken

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