Organs missing from body of Belgian in India by violence died

504218c73008bce4706b1c5c057b572e - Organs missing from body of Belgian in India by violence died

A study that the Antwerp court opened to the suspicious death of a Belgian in 2016 in India, do not shoot. Reports that VRT NWS Friday. In Belgium it appears from the autopsy that the man was the victim of violence, although in India there was a natural death. They also lack some organs.

Danny Byltjes arrived in February, 2016 in India to for his employer, Power Climber, a company specializing in wind turbines, and to provide training to Indian colleagues. On the first day of training he got abdominal pain and he ended up in Jamnagar in the hospital, where his death was determined, according to the Indian authorities a natural death.

In Belgium adopted a law doctor something else. Byltjes died ‘from the effects of heavy blunt kneuzend violence, which has resulted in a large leverscheur and a schedelindeukingsfractuur at the height of the left mind’, so quotes VRT NWS from the report of the law doctor. An Antwerp investigating judge opened an inquiry into murder.

Months later, heard the widow of Byltjes, Nancy Son, that the heart and both kidneys were missing in the body of her deceased husband.

Because the answers in India to search, wanted the Antwerp examining magistrate with a letters rogatory to India. More than two years after the fact, it is not yet departed. The Indian authorities have the light is still not green, despite demarches of the Belgian embassy.

‘Respect’ brings Friday night at Canvas a documentary about a horror story where the survivors are already two years in life’.

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