Opening American embassy in Jerusalem on 14 may

The United States want their new embassy in Jerusalem to open on 14 may, the day on which Israel in 1948, the independence cry. That report Israeli media.

The Us president, Donald Trump had in december announced that he the American embassy in Israel will move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. A term called, he did not.

There was immediately a lot of criticism. Both Israel and Palestine have been fighting decades for the recognition of Jerusalem as their capital. The decision of Trump, that implies that the United States henceforth Jerusalem recognized as the capital of Israel, was therefore counter-productive to the peace process called.

In the run-up to may 14, would be only a part of the American embassy officials to move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Further details about the move are not there yet. Israeli media report that the American embassy in Israel today with an official announcement to the outside occurs.

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