No cowboys and indians more on children’s party: ‘out of order’

8bfbde7a8ffd53ba841c0bf8474e2106 - No cowboys and indians more on children's party: ‘out of order’

Music centre TivoliVredenburg in Utrecht does not hold children’s parties more about cowboys and indians. A party last year that once the theme of the Wild West had, to ‘much ado’ led and that regrets the podium. ‘ Minister Ferd Grapperhaus of Justice and Security, calls the controversy, meanwhile, ‘quite out of order’.

The controversial protest group The Grizzly Century – in the zwartepietendebat Sinterklaas ‘with the death threatened’ and refuses the ‘white media’ to talk – did earlier declaration because of the party, for which children were called up dressed as cowboys and indians. The action group found that there was evidence of ‘racist stereotyping’.

“It is not wise decision this theme to choose,’ said TivoliVredenburg-director Frans Vreeke. A spokesman for TivoliVredenburg stated Friday in response to a message in The Telegraph that the party was meant for kids with different kinds of music into contact. “If such a topic as a discussion recall, we shoot our goal to pass. We also have a debatprogramma. It fits in with this debate, but it does not fit at a children’s festival’.

Minister Grapperhaus stressed Friday in The Hague that ” children in all kinds of shapes play with each other. ‘Ajax against Feyenoord on the football field, cowboys and indians, or soldiers of the French army and the English army. Do that children, well lit, and there is nothing wrong with that’.

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