Nina Hagen let docu VPRO-site

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The website 3 for 12 of the VPRO, the documentary Buying the band taken offline after complaints from the German singer Nina Hagen. In the film, is a with hidden cameras rotated fragment of a less successful studio session of Hagen in Amsterdam.

That the director Friday night reported as a result of a message from the Volkskrant. “Nina Hagen has declared that there is no price that we this scene had used,” he says. The film within a few days again placed on the site, but without the clip with the German diva.

Buying the band is about a new band that is composed of members of the Wild Romance, the old band of the late Herman Brood. The director followed the band for a year. Because nobody wanted movie release, offered the VPRO to him on the music platform 3 for 12.

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