Music producer Quincy Jones apologizes for bizarre comments

e54a1201c84da9365eb6275e8d041dfb - Music producer Quincy Jones apologizes for bizarre comments

The 84-year-old Quincy Jones, who in his career of 28 Grammy Awards won and worked with greats such as Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Tupac and Frank Sinatra on Twitter except for his bizarre statements over the past weeks. So claimed the man that he date went with Ivanka Trump, he took the music of Taylor Swift on the pellet (“We’ve fucking songs!”), accused he Michael Jackson of plagiarism, and he called The Beatles “the worst musicians in the world”.

In various interviews with magazines showed Jones some of the highly remarkable statements recorded. After what the man himself describes as “an intervention” (an ‘intervention’ with neighbors about the person’s deviant behavior speak in the presence of the person in question, ed.) of his six daughters felt Jones the need to be excused.

“I’ve learned my lesson”, he begins. “I am so proud of my daughters because they are not afraid to be me pointing out my errors. I’m not perfect and I am not afraid to preach.”

“If you are lucky enough to have had such a long and crazy life led to as I get some details about certain experiences in one time to the top. Even at my age, it is clear that that woordenbraaksel’ and that slander is unforgivable”, it sounds still.

According to Jones attacked the underlying messages that he wanted to share with the world together with his comments. “I apologize to anyone who geschoffeerd felt by my words, and in particular with my friends. Thank you to my family and friends, which I pointed out on my mistakes. My many faults.”

“Love of a 84-year-old, krombenige man who still learns from his mistakes,” concludes Jones are excuusbrief.

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