Movie in the making about ‘the young sailor’ Laura Dekker

960ac2f6cf1e4cfaa54b2dfe83b13cc5 - Movie in the making about 'the young sailor' Laura Dekker

There is a biographical film about Laura Dekker, the so-called young sailor that in 2012 at the age of sixteen a solozeiltocht around the world. Dekker (22) works together with the German director Florian Cossen for the making of the film.

The young sailor made from August 2010 until January 2012, a trip of 27,000 nautical miles (50,000 kilometers) with its 11.5 feet long ketch Guppy. The journey began in Gibraltar and the arrival was on the island of Sint Maarten. She was the youngest person ever to reach the solotocht around the world completed.

In 2013 appeared already a documentary Maidentrip) about the sailing trip from Dekker, but they did not agree with the content and expressed openly criticized Jillian Schlesinger, the author of that film, reports entertainmentmagazine The Hollywood Reporter.

Dekker currently lives in her native New Zealand.

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