Mourinho praises ‘professional’ Pogba after reservebeurt against Sevilla

72efd2529362267801933a61f49f2b65 - Mourinho praises 'professional' Pogba after reservebeurt against Sevilla

Jose Mourinho should Paul Pogba last Wednesday, then have passed through in the Champions League match of Manchester United with Sevilla, but the Portuguese coach does still high on the French midfielder.

Pogba had in Seville (0-0) for the second time this season sit on the bench, but if early raids due to an injury for Another Herrera. Mourinho was happy that the 24-year-old midfielder quickly stood in order to make possible its appearance.

“Sometimes you have players who have raided another five minutes to get ready. Sometimes they should use their shin guards yet put in, or the right shirt to wear. But Paul doesn’t. He had ten seconds to get ready,” said Mourinho on Friday.

According to the Portuguese shows Pogba that his professionalism is well.” “In spite of his disappointment he was immediately ready for the team to help. And that he did then as well.”


The reservebeurt of Pogba came as a big surprise. During the defeats against Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur, the Frenchman already early to the side achieved.

Previously if, in 2016, Juventus acquired midfielder not start in the competitieduel with Huddersfield Town. “Both times he responded like a real professional”, get Mourinho.

The Portuguese has not yet confirmed that Pogba Sunday in the competitieduel with Chelsea starts, but given the injury of Herrera is a good chance that he is just in the base begins. The duel begins Sunday at 15.05 hours.

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