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Moma moves to Court of Appeal

d3f999361ff85a273980e69162458522 - Moma moves to Court of Appeal

The Antwerp Contemporary Art Museum (Muhka) gets the first nieuwbouwmuseum of Flanders. Near its current location on the South is the Court of Appeal will be aborted and a new museum building. For the project Zuidersluis is there a construction budget of 65 million euro.

The site makes the connection between the Scheldt and the Muted Zuiderdokken. For the new building comes an architectural design competition under the supervision of the Flemish government Architect. The plot is large enough for a floor space of 20,000 square metres and a volume of 14,000 cubic meters. That is a doubling of the current capacity.

The location has the advantage that the Moma to stay open until the new building is ready. The museum retains its current interesting location. It is located on the museumas, where also the Museum of Fine Arts and the museum of photography.

The new museum is a collaboration between the Flemish Community and the City of Antwerp. The Flemish government takes in the building of the régie des bâtiments. She stands in front of the construction costs and take control. The city into the ground. She also brings 18 million euro in to the front yard for the museum.

Later this year, the competition will be issued. On the completion of the building, there is still no timing is known.

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