Lisa Marie Presley sues ex-manager

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Lisa Marie, the daughter of the late Elvis Presley, her former manager, Barry Siegel sued. The reason is that she finds out that Barry and her wealth has slashed due to negligence, self-serving behaviour and bad management’. Report this multiple American media. Siegel complains in turn Presley, because he claims that the pattern of expenditure of Lisa Marie debit would have been to her financial ruin.

The daughter of The King says that her trust fund about 81 million euro was worth, but saw that evaporate to only 11.500 euros at the bank and a credit card debt of 400,000 euros. This would be caused by the Siegels risky investments, which he, according to Presley only would be better. Lisa Marie claims that her ex-manager 85% of its stake in Elvis Presley Enterprises has been sold to make the connection to a famous investor. “His goal was to have my back to become famous and make friends with all kinds of well-known types,” said an angry Lisa Marie.

Barry don’t sit there and responded through his lawyer in front of The Blast: “It should be clear that Lisa Marie through a difficult time, and the debt to others looking for, instead of taking responsibility for her own actions. She has debt, while there are millions coming in. And now she points with accusing finger at a third party to her ridiculous spending for themselves to be able to justify. But it is quite simple: they gave much more than we from her trust fund could transfer or could clean up.”

Siegel and his lawyers now require more than six tons of Presley for damages. “But even that has they will likely not agree”, according to team Barry.

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