Lawyer puts ‘difficult’ Breuer in base against AZ

3218971d787f7b4ff84bae5227fc8131 - Lawyer puts 'difficult' Breuer in base against AZ

Michel Breuer was the biggest victim of the arrival of Dick Advocaat to Sparta. The 37-year-old central defender lost his starting, and the aanvoerdersband. Against AZ, he turns back into the base.

Michel Breuer

Lawyer sees that She is always absolutely professional has continued and has not for a moment have doubt call on him to do so, now by the suspension of Sander Fischer and injury to Miquel Nelom the need for the man.

“I have no complain what Michel terms’, says the coach, who in Alkmaar with five defenders start. “I got him when honestly told that there was a chance that he is not a play would accrue, but that is to his training efforts not to be seen. He trains in full, is difficult, also, to his teammates, but I like that a lot. He is still sharp and as long as that remains, you do it well. He has never run.’

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