Karen Damen has a plate made.

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That is of course not the first time. For nearly two decades she was one of the biggest hitmachine that the Benelux has ever known. K3 released thirteen cd’s, sold over five million copies, and gave thousands of performances. But then in 2015, the torch was passed to a new generation of girls, it was Karen’s time to make her childhood dream back to life: a solo album. One that she éigen voice could be heard. As a little girl of five, she was stinking jealous on children For Children, and each time there is a kindsterretje the charts shrugged she thought: this is what I want also. Thirty-five years later it is finally finished. “I dreamed of an album that really belong to me. Where the music and the lyrics for the full 100% percent my own personality and reflect.”

This was not an easy quest, because Karen likes a lot of melody, and they can also different styles. It came on a plate that on the one hand, versatile, and yet on the other hand coherent would feel. And that is wonderfully successful. More: with the help of her support and guidance –drummer and co-producer, Antony Van der Wee – Karen Damen recorded an album such as never before was made in English. It is pop, but not without depth. Modern, but not to force trendy. 0ntwapenend and sensitive. And especially: an adult, as you would expect of a woman who in the meantime mommy is.

It had, however, very different can turn out. Save the names, after which their participation in the plate have been granted, and it seems to be a hodgepodge of styles. Regi from Milk Inc. is of the party. But just as good Tourist LeMC. You Jelle Cleymans in the credits, and later also Daan. And you discovered Hooverphonic-guitarist Raymond Geerts, the majority of wrote the music. On paper, cannot have the combination of all the extremes is almost impossible not to work.

And yet, the hoarse, out of the thousands of distinctive voice of Karen appears to be the unifying factor that all stay together. They choose to again pursue the English, the language where they are the best feeling. “I wanted to be able to write to the texts, and that would make me never do it in French or in English, because I’m not strong enough in sta. Agnes Obel – one of my big examples – hustle me to the heart to be close to myself to write. And that’s what I did.”

A solo album, do you make never alone, but iémand the constant. That constant is indisputably Karen Damen. “I knew very well what I wanted. For instance, I’m a big fan of timpani, cellos and strings. So that is all. Of course I am very curious to see how the public at large in these songs are going to respond. But to be honest, I have this record mainly for myself. ’Isn’t really something that I of my bucketlist can erase, now.”

And since a picture also must be introduced introduced a year ago, the Antwerp Lotto Arena captured, where on 16 march –after fifty sold-out shows with K3 for the first time solo on stage. “I had a very specific deadline is required. It is in my character to everything; to continue deliberation. In this way, there was no way back. And I also found it pretty cool myself. Although I realize that the expectations are high. And I do not want to disappoint.”

Karen Damen has a plate made. That she had in the past already often been done, that is true. But this is the first in which they all are.

She follows a different track, now. Less evident, perhaps. But listen to her first solo album, and you know they are stronger than ever on the rails.

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