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Jürgen Roelandts is schaduwkopman within BMC: “Greg to the final assist”

6c22307dc8a1ec91b9b7776a5f9427df - Jürgen Roelandts is schaduwkopman within BMC: “Greg to the final assist”

Jürgen Roelandts made in 2018, the switch to BMC, where Greg Van Avermaet the team leader. The 32-year-old Belgian moved in 2008 from Jong Vlaanderen to the Lottoploeg, then Silence-Lotto. All that time, it remained There, until this season. At BMC will be the ex-Belgian champion as schaduwkopman be played in the Omloop het Nieuwsblad.

“I have all that time to my sentence had at Lotto, but I was ready for something else”, opened Roelandts. “New air, a new environment, a new challenge. I could still bijtekenen for two seasons but also got an offer from BMC. They are only for one year, however, I chose the latter. I was too much chiseled in Lotto, the move to BMC would do me good. By the way when Lotto went more and more the card of the youth pull. I’m 32, so the offer of BMC came at the right time.”

“What my job Friday?”, repeat Roelandts. “I will try not to kopwerk need to do in the beginning of the course. I am reeled in by BMC to Greg Van Avermaet in the classics. So not only during the Omloop het Nieuwsblad. Intention is that I still am when the finale starts, but Greg is of course the absolute leader. I will be here or there, and sometimes my own chance to be allowed to go, or themselves to grab such as in the Tour of Valencia, where I the final stage won. I have to be able to finish a dose of luck is required. And Greg for one reason or another, even down in the finals, then they can at BMC always count on me.”


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