Jennifer Lawrence stopped on her fourteenth school

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Actress Jennifer Lawrence stopped at fourteen years of age, with school, which they now have no educational qualifications. “I don’t regret that decision, I wanted my own path.”

“I had trouble in school, I never felt very smart,” says Lawrence Friday opposite CBS News.

“But if I have a script to read, I know exactly how it’s going to look like, and how someone feels. I knew at that time, not that that part of my brain was, that I could. It is something I’m confident about it and I wanted it then not let go.”

The actress says that she is the difficult to find her talent to explain. “It was an overwhelming felt of: I understand this. I hear to do this.”

For her talent to develop, wanted Lawrence to stop with school. There, she has no regrets, ” she says. “Even friends that I had known for years were not as important to me as my career.”

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