Jennifer Lawrence also finished with Weinstein

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Following In the footsteps of Meryl Streep, has Jennifer Lawrence short shrift with Harvey Weinstein. The cases Hollywoodproducent used the previously given ’positive’ statements of the two actresses for his own defence, so as a lawsuit to avoid. “This is typical behavior of a predator. And that must stop,” said Lawrence opposite Deadline.

Jennifer continues: “Harvey Weinstein and his team get my text completely out of context and twist it to their advantage. That’s what they do. I make a deep bow to all the women who have the courage to stand up against this man and their story told. Let’s be clear.”

Earlier this week, took a Line already furious to Weinstein, and she said there is shame that he is over her back, his own skin was trying to save. Now close Jennifer Lawrence is. The Oscarwinnares emphasized earlier, never to have been abused by Weinstein, but that does not mean that they are not one hundred percent behind the women state that fell prey to him.

Dozens of women claim that Weinstein them sexually abused and in some cases even raped.

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