Ivanka Trump arrives in South Korea

94fe1a3d6861b374961147bc92945867 - Ivanka Trump arrives in South Korea

SEOUL – The daughter of the American president Donald Trump is Friday arrived in South Korea. Ivanka Trump, a consultant of her father, stands at the head of the U.s. delegation to the closing ceremony of the winter Olympics Sunday to attend.

“It is a great honor to be here in South Korea with the U.s. delegation,” said Ivanka, according to South Korean media at the airport of Incheon. There landed earlier this month and the plane with the sister of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un. Some in the media gave Kim Yo-jong, the nickname of the “North Korean Ivanka.” She left after a visit of a few days.

Kosher menu

Trump stepped out of the plane in a black car. They dine later with president Moon Jae-in. For the jewish Ivanka is, according to the Korea Herald, a kosher, vegetarian menu, prepared. After eating a small concert on the agenda with traditional Korean music.

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