Grapperhaus supports senseless violence movie Fatal

Minister Ferdinand Grapperhaus of Justice goes with his ministry committed to the film Fatal director Jesse Event to give more attention. He reported in a letter to Event. From the ministry, the project will, as the director two years back initiated, the attention of schools and large organisations.

Grapperhaus supports senseless violence movie Fatal

Grapperhaus speaks in the letter, express appreciation for the movie about senseless violence. The minister praises ’the young force behind the successful campaigns.

The now twenty-year-old director made the drama, about a man in his twenties who becomes a victim of senseless violence, to raise awareness for the topic. In the film include Harry Piekema, Edo Brunner, Joël de Tombe and Jeffrey Hamilton.

Bolt cutters

The film was made in 2016 in the cinemas. Then initiated Event, a tour of secondary schools. The screening of the film will be accompanied with discussions of the students with the victims or relatives of victims of senseless violence. When the current, second series, for example, Jasper and Ronnie present, the gays last year in Arnhem after an evening steps were tortured with a bolt cutters.

Killed last year by 13,000 students seen. The next year doing the tour at least 75 high schools.

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