Governor of Florida wants law to adjust

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PARKLAND – The governor of Florida Rick Scott on Friday proposed the rules for the purchase of firearms and to strengthen measures to ensure the safety on schools to improve. He launched the plan in response to the shooting in Parkland. A former student shot a week and a half ago at Douglas High seventeen people dead.

The Republican, Scott is going with members of the state working on a draft law to the minimum age at which someone with a gun or rifle may purchase to increase up to 21 years. An exception is made for younger soldiers and police. Currently can unit in Florida is already a medium tank such as the AR-15, which has the schoolschutter used, buy.

Scott also wants a law change making it “virtually impossible that someone with mental problems with a gun in hand can take it.” The governor showed himself on the day that the teaching staff of Douglas High for the first time since the drama started again was also in favour of a ban on the trade in so-called ’bump stock’.


That are attachments which a submachine gun, fully automatic. A man in Las Vegas was there last year in a short time hundreds of bullets firing at concertgoers and a massacre havoc. President Donald Trump said earlier this week that he is the minister of Justice has instructed the bump stock in the ban.

The National Rifle Association (NRA) will do not object to. The powerful lobbying organisation the American arms industry has Scott always been praised as a champion of the right to bear arms.

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