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Genk outclassed Antwerp and takes solid option on Play-Off 1

86824e16da3c5f1943cd3dfdad011c60 - Genk outclassed Antwerp and takes solid option on Play-Off 1

Racing Genk has the important match to Play-Off 1 against Antwerp with a 4-0 win. The visitors used the rest all the resources to the People to hold them off, but had to be in the final stage the calyx to the bottom emptying.

Vital for Play-Off 1, as announced, the duel between Racing Genk and Antwerp. Both teams camped on the sixth place, just where the distinction between just-and just-not-Play-Off 1 is made. Both they also had 38 points. Genk-trainer Philippe Clement had to go through the injury of his number one Danny Vukovic appeal to the young Nordin Jackers tussne the posts. Also Joachim Maehle and Thomas Buffel came into the team for Clinton Mata and Dries Wouters. At Antwerp disappeared Geoffry Hairemans and Ritchie De Laet to the bank for Faris Haroun and Sambou Yatabaré.

Genk started well in the match and Antwerp had trouble with tracking. Dieumerci Ndongala immediately found a passage on the right, but was just retrieved by Sébastien Siani. Genk took a poor corner kick to about. Then it was goalkeeper Sinan Bolat his worst side. When he was in the spangle was that the People the corner quickly wanted to take, he threw a second ball onto the field. Ref Wim Smet grip, however, pushed Bolat yellow under the nose, and knew the home team a free kick. Did Ruslan Malinovsky something majestic’. The Oekraïner curled the ball from an almost impossible angle in the farthest snag, a copy of his clever goal against Club Brugge.

Red card and a coach in the stands for foul Antwerp

The roodhemden came everywhere one step too late and went the ax handle. That resulted in just three yellow cards in the first twelve minutes. A moment later, was also a coach Laszlo Bölöni to the tribune are sent and on the half hour, got Dylan Batubinsika even a red card. All justified decisions for the many-to-wild and aggressive playing visitors.

In between, they showed especially Ndongala joined Genk. First he came just too late to a cross from the left in the target to deviëren, then had to Bolat one of his shots from beneath the cover strip. On the half hour to let The Great Old, yet also see that the not only to kick to the province of Limburg had come. First kicked Siani in addition, then, could Joseph Aidoo, the ball narrowly over his own goal to push for the upcoming Obbi Oulare.

In final pushes Genk the knife still deeper in the wound

A decimated Antwerp began with good intentions on the second half: play football and to opportunities to come. That first managed reasonable, the second less. Further than a plane of Stallone Limbombe and questionable offside of Faris Haroun came the visitors, despite good don’t really want to. There was just to note that the visitors with ten stood, but a quarter of an hour for time keeps Racing Genk.

First, could a thoughtful hatched Sinan Bolat still rescue, but after that it was the goalkeeper yet seen. Alejandro Pozuelo poked with a lot of list number two: one-two punch with Ndongala and handsome finished with the left. Five minutes before time, did Nikos Karelis the books at all. The Greek popped up when the first post on a cross from Maehle and worked neatly. And yet it was the chalice is not empty for the visitors. Ndongala paid attention to a short back-pass from Yatabaré, dribbled Bolat and put the heavy 4-0 final score on the board.

By the victory does Genk, of course, a good thing in the battle for Play-Off 1. The climb to the fifth place and now has 41 points, three more than Antwerp and two over KV Kortrijk.

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