Frank Sanders plays revueartiest in musical

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Frank Sanders (71) plays the lead role in the new Dutch musical Around the Rembrandtplein. The musical is set in the twenties of the last century and is based on the life of the Amsterdam revueartiest Frits Links.

Frank Sanders

Frits Links traveled with his own revuegezelschap throughout the Netherlands, but always returned back to the vicinity of the rembrandt square in Amsterdam. He was secretly homosexual, in a time where homosexuality is prohibited by law. He ended up, therefore, often in the cell. In order to keep up appearances, he married the lesbian artist Marie. Together they had a daughter.

The script of the musical is written by Dick van den Heuvel, who recently for the script Was Signed Annie M. G. Schmidt a Musical Award. The direction is in the hands of Eddy Habbema. In 2005, played the late Jos Brink, the partner of Frank Sanders, in the performance As on the Leidseplein, also with a script by Dick van den Heuvel and Habbema as a director. Sanders: “The role of Jos in which performance was playing was one of his very best. That I now with the same writer and director, this should also be on a true life based performance is allowed to make, for me the circle.”

In addition to Frank Sanders play Robin van den Heuvel (Sorry, Really, Tina), Christian Seijkens (De Jantjes), April van Amelsvoort (Harry, watch the little ones, Sweeney Todd), Martijn Noort (Breakneck) and Jochem Smit (Raging, You’re the Top) in the performance. In June, the try-outs in Bussum, then is the show to see in the Betty Asfalt Complex in Amsterdam.

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