Former Trump-campagnemedewerker Gates plead guilty

52f7405a17fb40df94317e19979c5270 - Former Trump-campagnemedewerker Gates plead guilty

Richard Gates, a former employee of the Trump campaign, has in the Russia-research Friday before a federal court guilty pleaded to conspiracy against the united states and making false statements to the federal authorities. That report American media.

Gates would have admitted that he told the FBI had lied about a meeting in march 2013 in Washington had taken place. He would be there along with a U.s. congressman, and in the presence of Paul Manafort about the situation in Ukraine have spoken. Gates had until now denied that Ukraine, when it was addressed.

The 45-year-old Gates is already the third former employee to Trumps campaign made a deal with Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor who is leading the investigation to Russian interference during the campaign for the presidential elections in the US. Mueller had Gates in October, together with Manafort, sued because they made false statements would be made and money would witgewast. Well they left after in order to register as foreign agents, while they are lobbying conducted for the former pro-Russian government in Ukraine.

Thursday was Mueller new facts of financial crimes, charged the Gates and Manafort.

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