Finally peace after ’camembertoorlog’

019ded9ee7f7d173e6f1bc412e19b383 - Finally peace after ’camembertoorlog’

ROUEN After ten years of battle are industrial producers of the Normandy camembert-cheese and other camembertmakers agreed on what is there on the packaging, and how the cheese can be made, according to French media.

The creators of ’camembert fabriqué en Normandie’ have the hatchet buried.

The creators of the ’camembert de Normandie AOP (appellation d’origine indication, protected designation of origin) and the creators of ’camembert fabriqué en Normandie’ have the hatchet buried, reported the National Institute for Oorsprongbenamingen (INAO). Behind the two names are two different ways of cheese-making. The ’AOP’-way to strict requirements tied and the ’fabriqué en Normandie’. Of the latter kind are ten times more cheese was sold than of the first.

The long ’peace negotiations’ have a compromise resulted: the industrial cheese makers adapt themselves to a number of requirements of the AOP and there are less stringent rules to the cheese factories will not be too difficult to make. And there will be only ’camembert de Normandie AOP’ on the packaging.

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