FIFA stays cool under the excesses of Russian hooligans

4cec227992cec44556cbf17af49f84c2 - FIFA stays cool under the excesses of Russian hooligans

Despite new violence by Russian hooligans keeps wereldvoetbalbond FIFA full confidence in the security services of Russia.

The police had Thursday to intervene.

“We are convinced that the soccer world cup this summer, is conducted and completed safely. Russia has an extensive package of measures and the country last year during the Confederations Cup has already been proven that the state is the safety of players and supporters to ensure”, says a spokesperson from FIFA.

About two hundred supporters of the Russian champion Spartak Moscow, the club of international Quincy Promes, went Thursday in Bilbao in confrontation with supporters of the home team Athletic. They attacked each other with fireworks and bottles, and they went with each other on the fist. Two Russian hooligans ended up with injuries in the hospital.

A Spanish agent that the fighting crowd had to separate, came to life; he died, however, of a heart attack.

Russian hooligans have a violent reputation. At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of 2016 in France created a group for a lot of noise. FIFA remains confident that they will be on the upcoming world cup is no chance to get the order to interfere.

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