Father leaves baby son of nine months of cigarette smoking

BANGKALAN – An Indonesian father is risking a prison sentence after he a photo on the internet had posted that his nine-month-old son with a cigarette in his mouth.

Muzammil (36) would be the cigarette in the mouth of his son, have pushed, after which he and his wife asked to take a picture. The dad thought it was a funny picture and put it up on social media. The local police of Bangkalan was the photo and let the man pick it up.

“The child had the lit cigarette in his mouth”, sounds. “The offender put the child right and held his arms up because he was afraid that the baby is otherwise the shaft would burn it.”

Local use

According to local media, there are no legal penalties defined for the incitement of children to smoking, but Muzammil would reportedly up to six months in prison can get because of a violation of the kinderbeschermingwet. His wife would risk no punishment.

Smoking is very common in Indonesia, especially among men. An estimated 63 percent of men smoke, compared to just 5 percent of the women.

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