EU leaders gather for Brussels summit

308feebfcf0efe4f68c7835a91cce5c8 - EU leaders gather for Brussels summit

BRUSSELS – The leaders of 27 EU countries on Friday met in Brussels. The discussions at the informal summit turning to the EU budget after 2020, the size of the European Parliament after the European elections next year and the manner in which the president of the European Commission is chosen.

(From left), French president Emmanuel Macron, the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Prime minister Mark Rutte.

The French president, Macron will have the opportunity to advocate for his idea to anywhere in Europe burgerraadplegingen to organize. Further financial assistance to Libya. And the Cypriot president Anastasiades gives the latest state of affairs on the Turkish blockade of an Italian ship that gas wants to drill.

The summit begins Friday at noon and at 18: 30 hours to be ready. Major decisions are not expected. On behalf of the Netherlands prime minister Rutte were present. Due to the British departure from the EU in 2019, prime minister Theresa May.

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