EU extends arms embargo belarus

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BRUSSELS – The EU extends arms embargo against belarus. Also keep the four people who were involved in the disappearance of a businessman, a journalist and two members of the opposition in 1999 and 2000, on the sanctielijst to February 28, 2019.

Alexander Loekashenko (left) with Vladimir Putin. The two governors are independent of each other.

The export from the EU to belarus of equipment for the biathlon remains of tires. So the authorisations must therefore in each case by the national authorities to be approved. The EU has in that measure now also sport guns and pistols added.

The u.s. export control measures, in 2004, introduced as a response to the disappearance of the four. The arms embargo has been in existence since 2011. Exactly two years ago, 170 White-Russians, including president Alexander Lukashenko removed from the sanctielijst of the European Union.

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