Ensure to Dost at Sporting: “I’m mad at myself’

5a7691616f0fed7f5e8bbe2aaf4865e6 - Ensure to Dost at Sporting: "I'm mad at myself'

LISBON – With coach Jorge Jesus from Sporting Portugal made the joy of reaching the eighth-finals in the Europa League soon place for concern. Topschutter Bas Dost be immediately after the final whistle to his linkerdijbeen, to indicate that he suffered from.

Bas Dost

,,I’m mad at myself, because I Bass have not changed”, said Jesus. ,,I could see that he was the end of the match would not pick up, I knew that it was dangerous to let him stand, and yet I’ve done it.”

Dost missed last week won the away game against Astana (1-3) because of a muscle injury. The striker had the return less than three minutes to score. Sporting gave the breakaway a lead of 3-1 and let Astana come alongside (3-3), but yet it was enough to be the eighth-finals.

,,The goal was to come any further, that we have met. But the injury of Dost, is a blemish on this evening”, said Jesus. Dost is in the Portuguese league topschutter of the green-and-white brigade from Lisbon with twenty goals.

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