Embassy of united states in Jerusalem, will open in may

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WASHINGTON – The new U.s. embassy in Jerusalem, will open in may of this year, all of the doors. The opening coincides with the 70th anniversary of the founding of Israel on 14 may, said the American ministry of Foreign Affairs Friday.

Donald Trump (right) with Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli ambtsgenoot.

The embassy will temporarily in an existing building in the neighborhood of Arnona, where currently the consulate is located, said the spokesman. The American ambassador David Friedman will be there with a ’small team’ to go to work.

President Trump acknowledged at the beginning of January Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and announced to the embassy here to move. That decision received worldwide criticism and led to unrest in the Holy Land.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the ministry of Foreign Affairs complex after the opening will expand, so that more staff can be accommodated. Ultimately, the ministry of a new embassy building at the end of 2019. The American casino owner Sheldon Adelson offered to financially support. The discussions about it are, however, up to now informal, according to the business daily.

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