British tv channel fined for images expansion

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LONDON – A British television station must have a compensation of £ 20,000 (nearly 23.000 euro) pay after the filming of an eviction. The residents did not want the images transmitted would be, but that happened anyway.

The judge gave Channel 5 assignment the affected couple to compensate for the broadcast of the programme Can’t Pay? We’ll Take It Away (Can’t pay? Then we take it off), messages British media. The family with two children, had a house in London to leave because of rent arrears.

The 52-year-old man was financially in trouble came when he had to recover from a heart defect and an injury to his foot. During the expulsion filmed with a camera crew in the bedrooms of the children. The images would be 36 times aired and millions of times are viewed.

The husband complained that the broadcast of him at his worst showed. He was to say shocked and upset. The transmitter is laid on the freedom of speech, but the court is not involved. He ruled that the family had the right to privacy.

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