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British presenter Stephen Fry testifies about his fight against cancer

49aa31cee4cb9887b5190a740ed3904c - British presenter Stephen Fry testifies about his fight against cancer

The British comedian, writer, presenter and actor Stephen Fry (60) has testified about his fight against prostate cancer. He brought the news out in a YouTube video. Fry was just before christmas, had surgery and ‘it went well’, says the presenter itself.

“For the last two months I had to deal with a rather undesirable and unforeseen adventure,” writes Fry on Twitter in the video with his announcement. “I’m sorry that I until now have kept quiet, but now I’m here to explain what’s going on.’

The presenter underwent a full medical check-up after a heavy flu. In that control I also have an MRI scan. ‘It felt like a demolition to a pindanoot to crack, ” says Fry, but on that scan, the doctors a tumor in his prostate. The presenter had two options: radiation therapy or surgery. Fry opted for surgery.

At the beginning of January, he is under the knife gone. According to Fry, is ‘everything went well’ and the doctors ‘aggressive’ cancer removed.

Since then he has been to rehabilitation, hence, he is temporarily out of the public sphere has remained. He puts it in his own words ‘good’, although this made a lasting impression on him. ‘Cancer is a word that lingers, ” says Fry in his YouTube video. ‘All of the time went through my head: “Good god! I have cancer”. It is not intended that you get cancer and I know it’s a cliché, but you never think that you will happen. Cancer seems to be a disease that other people find.’

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