British actor Stephen Fry has prostate cancer

574f8d1ed83b95fb768d62404505b5a7 - British actor Stephen Fry has prostate cancer

Stephen Fry has prostate cancer. The British actor says in a vlog candidly about how he found out that something was wrong.

“I’m sorry that I was not able to talk about it, but here I am to explain what is going on, it starts to Fry.

“I’m just for christmas to my family doctor for a flu shot,” says the 60-year-old Fry. The doctor said concerned about the high PSA value, a protein that is exclusively by the prostate is made, after which the actor an MRI scan underwent.

After a biopsy and a PET scan was prostate cancer detected. “I thought the whole time: good God, I have cancer.”

At the beginning of January, the British actor and comedian under the knife and became aggressive cancer cells removed. “Then you have to restore and that is what I have done.” The actor still needs a number of studies to undergo to make sure that the cancer cells are not spread.

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