‘Bring human traffickers for international tribunal

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Because international human traffickers often operate from countries without the rule of law, such as Libya and Syria, or from countries outside the European Union, they remain outside shot. Belgian politicians arguing for an international tribunal to handle them.

‘Law enforcement agencies get increasingly better image of who are the leaders of large organized gangs engaged in human trafficking and crime against migrants. Not rarely they find themselves outside the grasp of law enforcement agencies’, says Open Vld senator Martine Taelman, who together with Sabine de Bethune (CD&V) and Bert Anciaux (SP.(A) a resolution was submitted for the creation of an international tribunal for punishment of human trafficking and exploitation of refugees. In the Netherlands, was this week a proposal in that sense of D66 was unanimously approved.

‘With this resolution, we take the people smugglers that operate from countries where the rule of law is absent in a double tang. In addition to the actual criminal prosecution by an international tribunal be their profits in the visor taken, ” says Anciaux. That last want the resolution to do through vermogenstracering.

Also, the sexual and economic exploitation of refugees is endorsed by the proposal. “People without papers continue to be, above all, still people who are entitled to international protection against any form of abuse’, decision Anciaux.

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