Brain tumor of 1.8 kilos removed from man: “looked like 2 heads on each other’

MUMBAI – Doctors in India have managed to on Valentine’s day to a very large tumor removed from the head of a 31-year-old man. The operation was kept secret because the chances were that this would fail. “It seemed as if the man had two heads stacked upon each other,” said a doctor on the man for the operation.

In total it took the surgery at the Nair hospital in Mumbai about seven hours. “It is now a matter of repair, but he is no longer in danger,” says doctor Trimurti Nadkarni to AFP.

Operating as a not possible’

For three years ran Santlal Pal, a shopkeeper from the state of Uttar Pradesh, with the huge tumor on the back of his head around. He was in three hospitals where he was told that surgery was not possible.

During his operation had Santlal much extra blood is needed. “This was a very complex case,” said the doctor.

“The greatest successfully removed brain tumor’

Possible going to be the largest successful removed brain tumor in the world. In 2004, the deleted doctor Nadkarni already have a tumor of 1.4 kg.

Pal is in any case very relieved. The recovery is still good. The medical team hopes that he can again very quickly.

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