Australian deputy prime minister is moving on after affair and #metoo-incrimination

ed8a5101a7be188789916219c0ca53f9 - Australian deputy prime minister is moving on after affair and #metoo-incrimination

Barnaby Joyce, the number two in the Australian government and party leader of the National Party, keeps the honor to himself. Joyce was an employee with whom he had an affair, got pregnant, but an accusation of sexual harassment turned out to be the final straw.

Barnaby Joyce will be Monday to resign as leader of the National Party, the smaller coalition partner in the centre-right Australian government of prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, and deputy prime minister. He continues to be seated in the parliament, so the small majority of the coalition to ensure.

Before, it was Turnbull has already brought the glory to himself, after it was bekendgeraakt that the deputy prime minister, 24 years married and a big promoter of family values, had an affair with his former perschef. That is expected, meanwhile also a child of him.

That he is now stepping down, according to Joyce due to a new complaint against him was filed for sexual harassment. There is little known about it, only that it is ‘serious’ allegations would go from a ‘senior’ woman from the west of Australia. Joyce denies done something wrong, but says that the complaint, his decision is precipitated.

Joyce came at the end of last year all in the eye of the storm after it was revealed that his father’s New Zealand nationality. Because that was automatically passed, had son Barnaby a double nationality, which is forbidden for Australian politicians. Joyce was able to do it all but just a resignation to avoid.

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